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On the official HouseNationUK podcast you will find over one years worth of DJ sets recorded live from HouseNationUK gigs. After clicking subscribe, iTunes will pop up and begin downloading the free MP3s in the podcast menu. 

The HouseNationUK podcast contains DJ sets from residents plus guest DJs that we have featured over the past year. Discover sets from Gatecrashers Phil West, Ministry of Sound resident DJ Gavyn Mytchel, RicharDJames, Dale Bridge, Johnny Scratch, Phat Boy Tim, Jeff Barker, Matt Capone, Birdsy and many more! 

Over the last two years HouseNationUK have found a knack of finding one big house tune after another way before their release date, if you listen back to sets from one year ago you can find tunes only now just getting national radio airplay. Some of the great finds include Avicii's Levels, Nadia Ali's Pressure track and Wolfgang Gartners huge Illmerica! Subscribe now and maybe find the next big electro house or progressive house track before its played on main stream radio!

After downloading the MP3s via the podcast you can listen to the DJ mixes covering genres such as Electro House, Techno, Progressive House, Funky House and Ibiza classics. Remember, if you like what you hear then why not come and experience it live, check out our lives event dates on the home page.

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HouseNationUK Podcast’s are taken from our live shows and events.

Click on the subscribe button on the right to download via iTunes (software required).

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